Goodbye Graffiti Resources

The WA Police Graffiti Team are able to provide resources for Local Governments, Police and other Community Organisations.  The purpose is to support the community with knowledge and awareness to manage and report graffiti.  If you have any questions or requests for Goodbye Graffiti resources, please email

Goodbye Graffiti Brochures

Brochures to encourage graffiti reporting with fridge magnet attached.



Graffiti Vandalism and Private Business

In this guide you will find information on reporting, removing and preventing graffiti vandalism on your property.

Tough Graffiti Laws in Place Poster

This A4 poster is for businesses selling spray paint and marker pens with 6mm tips and over. p>

    Poster - picture of spraycans and marker - it is illegal to sell graffiti implements to a person under 18 years old

Only Babies Scribble on Walls - Grow up and Stop the Graffiti Poster

Encourages graffiti reporting, available in A3.

Rewards Poster

Encourages public to provide information on graffiti offenders  – advertises reward for information relating to a graffiti offender. Available in A4 or A3 size.

Goodbye Graffiti Rewards Poster

Graffiti Vandalism Strategy 2019 - 2021

Whole of government graffiti strategy document.



Rulers promoting “Rule out Graffiti”.



Child size wristbands to promote "Say No to Graffiti". Adult size also available.


Designing Out Graffiti booklet

For use by all asset owners and community members as a guide on how to Design Out Graffiti.

Graffiti Management Toolkit

A comprehensive resource which can be used across all levels of the community. The Graffiti Management Toolkit contains a range of information on current State Government initiatives, examples of good practice in graffiti management, templates/frameworks for strategies and proformas for evaluating graffiti related projects. Download the Toolkit or contact the Graffiti Team for a copy to be sent out to you.

Graffiti Vandalism: Protection and Removal Brochure

This brochure is available for councils & graffiti removal professionals. A resource designed specifically to support graffiti removalists working within councils. The brochure contains information about graffiti removal methods applicable to a range of surfaces.

Smart Phone Poster

Encourages graffiti reporting on smart phone, available in A2 and A3 size.

NEW! Graffiti Vandalism Magnets

Fridge magnets promoting reporting of graffiti, rapid removal and prevention.

    Picture of Graffiti Vandalism Magnet - Black, green and grey


Graffiti Removal Quick Reference Guide

Brochures for Private Property owners with a handy quick reference guide to help with removal from a variety of household surfaces. DL size fold out brochure.


Smart Phone Postcard

Encourages graffiti reporting on smart phone, and promotes Goodbye Graffiti Rewards. Available in postcard size.

Goodbye Graffiti Postcard