Service Level Agreements

Partnerships between Local Government Authorities (LGAs), State Government Agencies, and other Utilities can be mutually beneficial, creating strong localised relationships  to address graffiti management on assets.

The Graffiti Team have worked to support State and Local Government for a number of years in the management of graffiti vandalism.

In 2015 the State Graffiti Taskforce requested a report to establish the future direction of the approach to graffiti management on State Government assets. The reason for the report was an attempt to improve and strengthen relationships between State and Local Government to improve timeframes for graffiti removal.

The outcome of the wide consultation established that arrangements needed to be localised to tailor to the requirements of each local government area. A summary of the report can be viewed by clicking on Service Level Agreement report.

Currently there are several highly successful partnerships operating in the Perth Metropolitan area between LGAs and State Government Agencies that yield positive outcomes.

If you would like to explore the potential for developing localised collaborative partnerships please contact the WA Police Force Graffiti Team.