Urban Art Gallery

I Must Stay on Task, 2011

Project Title: I Must Stay on Task, David Turley, 2011. Council: City of Perth The concept of the artwork sought to bring attention to penalties that result when illegally writing on walls. The text was informed by a piece of paper the artist found outside a school – a child’s punishment lines. The text states:

“I must stay on task without disturbing or distracting others. I will not use ‘put downs’ or harass others. It is important that I respect other people’s differences and opinions.”

The artist underwent the tedious process of writing the lines until they covered the space, using more than 100 paint pens. Throughout the installation process, he and his assistant discussed the artwork concept and its anti-graffiti sentiments with young people and members of the public. The artist felt he put forward a positive anti-graffiti message that addressed those who might consider vandalising the laneway, making them think twice about their behaviour.

Project Title:  Melville and OCP Slam Project Council:  City of Melville

The City of Melville identified two graffiti hotspots to undertake urban art projects. The graffiti hotspots were selected based on the site’s graffiti removal costs, visibility, community use, value, and a risk assessment of each site.  The project involved engaging young people in a series of educational workshops facilitated by a professional urban artist, at which a series of art designs were developed for the sites. 

Project Title: Youth Art Program CouncilShire of Denmark

This urban art program was facilitated at the Denmark Youth Centre. The program utilised professional artists that held mural art demonstrations and workshops. The program incorporated sessions on the difference between illegal graffiti and urban art, the impacts of graffiti vandalism on the community, basic sketching techniques and mural design.  A logo from the program was designed by the youth involved and printed onto t-shirts.

The sites previously identified by the youth participants, facilitated the various murals including locations such as the exterior of the youth centre, sections of the skate park and several prominent walls within the Central Business District of Denmark.